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We are proud of our work and believe our results speak for themselves.

For this reason we pay great attention to every project we carry out, utilising the best experts and most advanced tools.

The expertise of Euronet Consulting covers a broad range of thematic sectors, and we have gained considerable experience through both direct involvement in project operations led by members, and collaborations with several partners.

Sectors vary according to membership. In this sense, the thematic coverage offered by Euronet Consulting is shaped by our members.

At present, our main sectors of expertise include Agriculture, Forestry and Fishery, Culture, Civil Society and Good Governance, Environment and Climate Change, Health and Education, Transport and Infrastructure, Water Supply and Sanitation.

Click on the links below to learn more about recent experience sector by sector.

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Agriculture, Forestry and FisheryMember companies
  • World-wide 2003 - 2011: “Management Support to the LAC Division of IFAD: Mainstreaming Results and Impact Management” (IFAD, 217,000 €)
  • Afghanistan, Angola, Congo, Cuba, Northern Korea 2004 - 2006: “Sector Evaluation of the Reconstruction and rehabilitation Programme of German Agro-Action” (Deutsche Welt-Hungerhilfe DWHH, 125,000 €)
AGEG Consultants eG
  • Uganda 2006:: “Impact Assessment Services of a World Bank/GEF Biodiversity Project - Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Mgahinga Gorilla National Park Conservation Project in Uganda“ (World Bank/GEF, 50,000 USD)
  • Ethiopia 2007: “IFAD Country Programme Evaluation for “Agricultural Research & Training Programme”” (IFAD, 50,000 USD)
  • Europe 2007-2008: “Coordination of the EC-funded research project “POlicy Incentives for Climate Change Mitigation Agricultural Techniques (PICCMAT)”” (European Commission DG Agri, 480,000 €)
Baastel sprl
  • Global 2004 - ongoing: “Evaluation Framework Contracts with the European Commission: Regional Evaluation of SADC, Regional Evaluation of ECOWAS, Regional Evaluation of Eastern and Southern Africa, Evaluation of the EC`s Environment and Forest Regulations” (European Commission)
  • Guatemala 2006 - ongoing: “Programme for rural Economic Development 2006-2009” (SIDA, 138,980 €)
Culture, Civil Society and Good GovernanceMember companies
  • Afghanistan 2005 - 2006: “Evaluation of Humanitarian and reconstruction Assistance” (DANIDA, 133,000 €)
  • Jordan 2006 - 2007: “Institutional Support to the Aqabo Special Economic Zone Authority” (European Commission, 23,000 €)
  • Germany 2009 - 2011: “Training Programme” Capacity WORKS” for Consultants and Consulting Companies” (Gesellschaft fur Internationale Zusammenarbeit GIZ, 175,000 €)
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina 2010: “Support for drafting Terms of Reference for IPA 2009 Programme in the Economic Development” (European Commission, 28,000 €)
  • Serbia 2010 - 2011: “Preparation of Tender Dossiers and testing and acceptance of IT equipment for the IPA 2008 project “Improvement of Transparency and Efficiency” (Prosecutors and Penal System)” (European Commission, 58,000 €)
  • Turkey 2010 - 2011: “Technical Assistance for Capacity Building and Trainings for MoEF IPA CI Center” (European Commission, 24,000 €)
AGEG Consultants eG
  • Peru 2002: “Monitoring and RBM Technical Support - Institutional Support to the Defensoría del Pueblo (DDP)” (CIDA, 125,000 CAD)
  • Africa and South America 2003: “Institutional evaluation of the NGO Development & Peace ” (CIDA, 170,000 CAD)
  • Global 2004: “Evaluation of the World Food Programme’s Enabling Development Policy” (WFP, 350,000 CAD)
  • Central Europe 2005: “review of 40 Neighbourhood Programme’s projects - Support for democratisation, respect for human rights, good governance, civil society development and free media” (DANIDA, 200,000 €)
  • France 2006: “RBM mainstreaming in the World Heritage Center” (UNESCO)
  • Mozambique, South Africa, Indonesia, Nicaragua 2006: “Joint Evaluation of Coordination and Complementarity in European Support to Local Development” (SIDA, 320,000 €)
  • RD Congo 2007: “End-of-project evaluation “Promotion du statut socio-économique des femmes pour la survie, le développement et la protection des enfants”” (UNICEF, Belgian Survival Fund, 100,000 USD)
Baastel sprl
  • Burkina Faso 2009 - 2010: Assistance to ONEA for public service delegation experiment in peri-urban areas
  • Cambodia 2004 - 2005: “Support to the Formulation of a Decentralisation and De-concentration Strategy Framework” (UNDP, 144,800 €)
  • Eritrea 2004 - 2005: “Evaluation of Eritrea Emergency Demobilisation and reintegration Programme” (World Bank, 58,300 €)
  • Regional Africa 2004 - 2006: “Support to the Secretariat of the Multi-country Demobilisation and Reintegration Programme in Disarmament, Demobilisation and Reintegration Programmes in Rwanda and Uganda” (Danida, 139,800 €)
  • Palestine 2005 - ongoing: “Review of Support to Municipal Development and Management in Gaza” (Danida, 41,500 €)
  • Russia 2005 - 2006: “Bridging Economic Development Support Programme (EDSP), Kaliningrad and Pskov Oblasts” (Danida, 129,000 €)
  • Global 2006 - ongoing: “Study of Disaster Risk Reduction and Disaster Prevention (DRRB) in Danish Development and Humanitarian Assistance” (Danida, 93,800 €)
  • Honduras 2006 - ongoing: “Diagnostic Study on Gender Violence against Women in Honduras” (UNDP/UNOPS, 154,800 €)
  • Rwanda 2006 - ongoing: “Decentralisation Leading to a Strategic Plan for Effective Fiscal Decentralisation in Rwanda and other related Outputs” (DFID, 73,000 €)
  • Sudan 2006 - ongoing: “Mediation Support to Juba Peace Process on Disarmament, Demobilisation and reintegration. Monitoring of Cessation of Hostilities Agreement” (Danida)
  • Uganda 2006 - ongoing: “Preparation of Annual Poverty Eradication Action Plan (PEAP) Implementation Review (APIR) Mechanism” (Danida, 106,000 €)
  • Rwanda 2007 - ongoing: “Fiscal decentralisation – Support to Ministry of Finance” (World Bank, 16,600 €)
Environment and Climate ChangeMember companies
  • Paraguay 2004 - 2012: “Sustainable Management of Natural Ressources” (Gesellschaft fur Internationale Zusammenarbeit GIZ/ KfW/ Federal Republic of Germany BMZ, 1,200,000 €)
  • Egypt 2007 - 2013: “Sustainable Management in the Egyptian Hotel Sector – Ecological Standards - Project in 3 Phases” (Gesellschaft fur Internationale Zusammenarbeit GIZ/ Federal Republic of Germany BMZ, 948,000 €)
  • Philippines, 2008 - 2010: Adaptation to Climate Change and Conservation of the Biodiversity in the Philippines Deutsche Gesellschaft fur Internationale Zusammenarbeit GIZ / Federal Republic of Germany BMZ, 147,000 €)
  • Kenya, Ethiopia, Uganda 2009: “Mid Term Evaluation of DG ECHO’S Regional Drought Decision in the Greater Horn of Africa” (European Commission / DG ECHO, 115,000 €)
  • Mauritius 2010: “Consultancy Services for Developing Strategy to Establish an Integrated Ambient Air Quality (IAAQ) Monitoring Framework including Development of an Air Quality Index (AQI) for Mauritius” (European Commission, 102,500 €)
  • Belgium 2010-2011: "Development of the ACP Natural Disaster Facility’s Website” (European Commission, 76,500 €)
  • Morocco 2010 - 2011: “Study of institutional mechanisms to reduce industrial pollution” (European Commission, 169,500 €)
  • Papua Guinea 2011: “Drafting of a Mine Waste Management Policy Framework for the Mining Sector in PNG” (European Commission, 66,000 €)
AGEG Consultants eG
  • Spain (Murcia) 2002 - 2004: “Environmental Restoration of the Villananitos Beach in the Municipality of San Pedro del Pinatar, Murcia” (Ministry of Environment. General Directorate of Coasts, 105,026 €)
  • Spain (La Palma Island) 2002 - 2005: “Eco-cartographic Study of La Palma Island Coast” (Ministry of Environment. General Directorate of Coasts, 1,515,054 €)
  • Spain (Tarragona) 2003 - 2006: “Study of the Coast Problems and Analysis of Solutions for the Coast of the Municipality of Cunit, Tarragona” (Ministry of Environment. General Directorate of Coasts, 103,042 €)
  • Honduras (Gulf of Honduras) 2005 - 2007: “Improvement of Environmental Management in the Ports of the Gulf of Honduras” (Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), 252,500 €)
  • Spain (Santander) 2005 - under execution: “Technical Assistance for carrying out the Border Marking out the Land Maritime Public Domain in various Municipalities of the Santander Coast” (Ministry of Environment. General Directorate of Coasts, 400,043 €)
  • Spain (Castellon) 2006 - under execution: “Technical Assistance for carrying out the Border Marking out the Land Maritime Public Domain in several sections of the Castellon Coast” (Ministry of Environment. General Directorate of Coasts, 148,593 €)
  • Spain (Almería, Cádiz, Granada, Málaga, Murcia) 2006 - under execution: “Technical Assistance for the Coast Sustainable Management Master Plan. Strategic Plan for the Coast Sustainability, section: Andalusian Hydro-graphic Demarcation (from Punta Carnero to the Almeria-Murcia Provincial Border” (Ministry of Environment. General Directorate of Coasts, 540,728 €)
  • Spain (Malaga) 2007 - under execution: “Technical Assistance for carrying out the Border Marking out the Land Maritime Public Domain in 26 kms of Coast of the Municipalities of Torrox, Algarrobo and Nerja, Malaga” (Ministry of Environment. General Directorate of Coasts, 203,014 €)
  • Albania, Lebanon, Edypt, Morocco, Tunisia, Palestine 2004: “Joint Evaluations of the MedWetCoast Project - conservation of endangered species and their habitats“ (UNOPS, 80,000 USD)
  • Poland 2004: “Impact Assessment for the Poland Efficient Lighting Project (PELP)” (World Bank, 50,000 USD)
  • China 2004-2006: “Monitoring of three Emission reduction projects” (CIDA, 110,000 CAD)
  • Global 2006: “Assessment of Institutional options for the Management of the Climate Change Adaptation Fund” (UNFCCC, 20,000 USD)
  • Global 2006: “Evaluation of International Finance Corporations’s Global Environment Facility Funded Initiatives” (IFC, 160,000 USD)
  • Caribbean 2007: “Building National Disaster Organisations’ Capacity to Improve Country Work Programming related to the Regional Disaster Risk Management Strategy” (Caribbean Disaster Emergency Response Agency - CDERA, 15,000 USD)
  • South Africa 2007: “Evaluation of the Capacity Building, Leadership and Action (CBLA): Mitigating Greenhouse Gas Emissions in Southern African Industry” (CIDA)
  • Benin 2007-2008: “Country Portfolio Evaluation” (Global Environmental Facility - GEF)
  • Tunisia 2008: “Adaptation to climate change: study for the design of an early warning system” (GTZ, 65,000 €)
Baastel sprl
  • Zambia 2006: “Review of Natural Resource Management Component” (Danida, 45,500 €)
  • Eritrea 2006 - 2007: “Technical Support for Integrated Coastal Area Management” (UNDP, 54,500 €)
  • Czech Republic 2004 - 2008: “Moravská Sázava river –Žichlínek polder” (Administrator of Morava river catchment area, 208,000 €)
  • Czech Republic 2006-2009: “Shipment condition improvement on river Elbe in sector Ústí nad Labem – state border CZ/DE – Děčín lock (ISPROFIN 3275200007)” (Waterways management ČR, 529,000 €)
  • Czech Republic 2007 - 2008: “Monitoring and proposals of preventive flood control measures according to the Water Framework Directive (2000/60/ES) in connection with river hydro-morphology – priority areas in the catchment areas of the Czech rivers Becva, Dedina, Dyje, Nezarka, Opava and Svratka” (T.G.M. Water Research Institute, 206,000 €)
  • Czech Republic 2009 - 2010: “Krounka river – Kutřín Retention reservoir” (Administrator of Elbe river catchment area, 82,000 €)
  • Czech Republic 2009 -2010: “Upper Opava measures – project preparation in period 2008 - 2010″ (Pöyry Environment a.s., Brno, 84,000 €)
  • Czech Republic 2009 - 2010: “Database creation for the subsequent implementation of nature-like flood control measures in the catchment area of the river Dedina” (Povodí Labe, Administrator of the Elbe river catchment area, 195,000 €)
  • Czech Republic 2010 - ongoing: “I. project of creation NATURA 2000 areas in Hradec Králové region” (Hradec Králové region authority, 157,000 €)
Health and EducationMember companies
  • Kyrgyz Republic 2001 - 2007: “Mother and Child Health Care II and III” (German Financial Cooperation KfW, 970,000 €)
  • Germany 2002 - ongoing: “Training Programme for Evaluation in Development Cooperation” (Private customers, 650,000 €)
  • Pakistan 2003 - 2009: “Strengthening of the Tuberculosis Control Programme in NWPF/FATA” (Gesellschaft fur Internationale Zusammenarbeit GIZ/Federal Republic of Germany BMZ, 3,646,500 €)
  • Mozambique 2005 - 2007: “Combating HIV/AIDS and media development” (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Technische Zusammenarbeit GTZ/ Federal Republic of Germany BMZ, 528,000 €)
  • Philippines 2006 - 2008: “Support to the Health Sector Reform” (Deutshe Gesellschaft fur Internationale Zusammenarbeit GIZ / Federal Republic of Germany BMZ, 264,000 €)
  • Pakistan 2006- 2012: “Health Infrastructure AJK” (German Financial Cooperation KfW, 3,460,000 €
  • Kyrgyz Republic 2007-2009: “Health Sector Programme (Sector-wide Approach)” (German Financial Cooperation KfW, 1,100,000 €)
  • Belgium 2008 - ongoing: “TrainEval - Training Programme for Evaluation in Development” (Private Customers, 165,000 €)
  • Cambodia 2009 -2010: “End of Project Assessment of the”Health Sector Support Project” (HSSP)” (World Bank, 237,000 €)
  • West Bank & Gaza Strip 2010 - 2011: “Assessing and Evaluating the Quality Improvement Fund Component (QIF) on the Higher Education Sector and the labor Market” (World Bank, 75,000 €)
  • Pakistan 2010 - 2013: “Basic Health Programme” (German Financial Cooperation KfW, 474,000 €)
AGEG Consultants eG
  • Canada 2006: “Design, organisation and delivery of a 2-week professional training programme attended by 23 CIDA locally engaged professionals (LEPs) from Anglophone Africa” (CIDA)
  • Guatemala & Honduras 2006: “Evaluation of the human rights education project” (Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland, 40,000 €)
Baastel sprl
Transport & InfrastructuresMember companies
  • Mozambique 2007 - 2011: “Assistance to the implementation of the Investment Fund for Rural Development in Inhambane, Mozambique (FINDER)” (KfW, 60,000 €)
  • Caribbean 2009 - 2010: “Study to Support a Regional Infrastructural Fund in the Caribbean” (European Commission, 130,000 €)
  • The Netherlands Antilles 2010: “Evaluation of 1st year of implementation of two projects: 1) Bonaire Sewerage and Sanitation, 2) Urban Infrastructures for Socially Deprived Areas” (European Commission, 45,000 €)
  • Lesotho 2011: “Technical audit of the FED/2010/233-567 contract “Upgrading and Strengthening of Paved Primary Road Network” in Lesotho” (European Commission, 61,000 €)
AGEG Consultants eG
  • Worldwide third countries benefiting from European Commission External aid 2000 - 2005: “Framework Contract IB/AMS/451 for Operational Short-term Technical Assistance to Beneficiary Countries. Lot 2 - Transport, Water and Sanitation Infrastructure, both Urban and Rural” (European Commission, 11,296,209 €)
  • Iran (Tombak) 2002: “Detailed Design for the Construction of the Liquid Natural Gas Terminal at Tombak” (Repsol YPF, 81,524 €)
  • Uruguay (Montevideo) 2002: “Tendering process for the access roads to the Punta Sayago Port in Montevideo” (ATENIL, 134,034 €)
  • Spain (Madrid) 2003 - 2008: “Design Review, Technical Support and Construction Supervision of the Repsol YPF Tower” (Repsol YPF (Main Spanish petrol company), 1,800,000 €)
  • Afghanistan 2004 - 2005: “Design for the Construction of the Herat-Andkhoy Road” (GETINSA, 60,000 €)
  • Italy (Taranto & Zaule) 2004 - 2006: “Nautical, Environmental Studies and Concept Design and Studies for the Industrial Installations of the LNG Terminals of Taranto and Zaule” (Gas Natural, 214,000 €)
  • Spain (Castilla y León) 2004 - 2005: “Valley of Losa Regulation Dams Construction Project: Technical Assistance to the Autonomous Government of Castilla y León for Project Formulation including the Emergency Plan and the Operations Procedures and Regulations” (Constructora Sando, S.A., 435,754 €)
  • Spain (La Coruña) 2005: “Drafting of the Regulation for the Exploitation of the New Punta Langosteira Port, La Coruña” (La Coruña Port Authority, 270,000 €)
  • Uruguay (Montevideo) 2005 - 2006: “Programme for the Modernization of the Montevideo Port” (Inter-American Development Bank, 110,000 €)
  • Mexico (Lázaro Cárdenas) 2005 - under execution: “Detailed Design for the Construction of the New Container Terminal at Lázaro Cárdenas” (Obras Marítimas H.B. Indi – Gami Ingeniería e Instalaciones, 250,000 €)
  • Algeria (Oran & Argel) 2006: “Detailed Design for the Construction of the Civil and Buildings Works of the Oran and Algiers Desalting Plants” (Inima / Aqualia, 260,000 €)
  • France (Po) 2006: “Technical Due Diligence for the Construction and Operation of a Bio-ethanol Plant from corn (200,000 m3/year)” (HVB Group / Ab Bioenergy France, 44,000 €)
  • Mexico (Manzanillo) 2006: “Project Studies for the New LNG Terminal in Manzanillo” (Unión Fenosa Gas, 130,000 €)
  • Spain (Panxón) 2006: “Concept Design for the New Panxón Marina Port” (Concello de Nigrán (Local Government), 76,000 €)
  • Spain (Águilas) 2006: “Detailed Design for the Civil Works Construction of the Raw Water and Return of Salted Water Systems in the Desalting Plant of Águilas, Murcia” (Consortium Sacyr / Ferrovial / Cadagua), 115,000 €)
  • Spain (Jaén) 2006: “Siles Dam Construction Project: Drafting of the Tender Dossier & Geological and Geotechnical Study” (Constructora Sando, S.A., 91,000 €)
  • Turkey, Cyprus 2006: “Feasibility Study of the Turkey-Cyprus Transport Network” (United Nations, 240,000 €)
  • Algeria (Myah Bahe Honaine Spa) 2007: “Technical Evaluation of the Project Construction and Operation of the Desalting Plant in Tlemced-Honaine, with a guaranteed capacity of 200.000 m3/d” (CP.A. Credit Populaire d’Algerie, 35,000 €)
  • Panamá (Santa Maria) 2007: “Santa Maria Hydro-electrical Power Mini-Station: Feasibility Study” (Scite Internacional, 11,020 €)
  • Venezuela 2007: “Drafting of the Practical Guide for the Execution of Road Designs” (reference document for civil engineering design for the Ibero-American countries) (Corporación Andina de Fomento (CAF), 400,000 €)
  • United Arab Emirates (Dubai) 2007: "Tendering Documents for the Dubai Desalting Plant” (Inima / Aqualia, 51,000 €)
  • Panama (Los Mosquitos Gulf) 2007 - under execution: “Coast Hydro-dynamics Study of Los Mosquitos Gulf: Regional Dynamics Study and Detailed Dynamics Study of Five Selected Areas” (Petaquilla Minerales, S.A., 83,675 €)
  • Spain (Cartagena) 2007 - under execution: “Turnkey Project for the New 315 TPM Tank-Vessel Terminal, Extension of the Bastarreche Dike in the Cartagena Port. Modernisation of the 17 and 18 Mooring Docks and the Piers Central Control Building” (Repsol Petróleo, 6,925,845 €)
  • Spain (Andalucía) 2007 - under execution: “Technical Assistance for the Financing of 7 Eolic Parks (190,25 Mw) in Andalusia” (Banco Santander Central Hispano (BSCH), 493,000 €)
  • Haiti (Port-au-Prince) 2007 - 2008: “Master Plan for the International Port-au-Prince Port” (Ministry of Public Works, Transport and Communications of Haiti / Inter-American Development Bank, 208,132 €)
  • Spain (Cádiz) 2007 - 2008: “Technical and Economic Feasibility Study of a New Container Terminal in the Cadiz Port” (Port Authority of the Cadiz Bay, 110,000 €)
  • Oman (Muskat) 2007 - 2010: “Master Plan, Schematic and Detailed Design, and Construction Supervision of the Oman Botanic Garden” (Diwan of the Royal Court / Muskat Municipality, 10,300,000 €)
  • Libya (Tripoli) 2007 - 2012: “Master Plan, Schematic and Detailed Design and Construction Supervision and Coordination of the City Gate Tripoli Multi-use complex” (residential, commercial, offices, hotels) (City Gate Tripoli Joint Venture, 21,000,000 €)
  • Egyp: Twinning project / TA on Metro & Railway Safety Regulations
  • FYROM: Rehabilitation Pan European Corridor X Rail Stations along EU procedures
  • Colombia: Study on the elaboration of a Colombian Railway Regulatory Framework
  • India: Design of 25kV Overhead Equipment (OHE) system for Delhi Metro
  • Serbia: PE Serbian Railways: Technical assistance to PIU
  • Israel: Design of Signalling for the LRT Red Line project in Tel Aviv
  • Algeria: Design of railway line between Hassi Mefsoukh and Mostaganem
  • Turkey: Marmaray project, contract CR3, Gebze-Halkali commuter rail upgrading
  • Israel: Comparison and adaptation EU’s safety directives to those of Israel Railways
  • Viet Nam: Evaluation of the Feasibility Study of Ho Chi Minh City, Metro Route 4
  • Croatia: Staff Training: Restructuring Croatian Railways within EU Legislation
  • B&H: Design of railway structures and systems of REBIS railway core network
  • Lithuania: Technical Assistance for railway infrastructure diagnostics systems
  • Latvia: Renovation of Riga Railway Network
  • Lithuania: Modernisation of the Lithuanian Railways Network
  • Chile: Technical Assistance for Santiago de Chile Metro
  • Hungary: Rehabilitation of the Budapest– Székesfehérvár line section
  • South Africa: Gautrain Rapid Rail Link Project
  • Poland: Supervision Modernisation of the E-20 Railway Line
  • Peru: Preliminary design of the technical tender project of Lima Tramway
  • Oman: Technical tender project of Muscat International Airport
  • Morocco: Study for the track duplication between Meknes and Fez
  • Poland: Project for the design of the southern ring road construction in Radom
Ardanuy SA
  • Kenya: Technical Assistance to Roads2000 Project in Nyanza Province
  • Ghana: Management Support to the Department of Feeder Roads
  • Ethiopia: Community Road Maintenance Policy and Asset Management Strategy
  • Nicaragua: Feasibility and Formulation of Transport Sector Programme Support
  • Nepal: Development of Rural Road Sector SWAp
  • Zambia: Design Review and Unit Cost Study of Rural Roads
  • Belize: Sugarcane Field to Factory & Factory to Ship Studies
  • Tanzania: Development of Local Government Transport Programme
  • Bangladesh: Operational Risk Assessment of the Roads and Highways Department
  • Uganda: Strengthening of the Local Road Construction Industry
  • Suriname: Feasibility Study for Institutional Strengthening of Suriname Road Sector
  • Vietnam: Design of Construction Sector Transparency (CoST) Pilot Project
  • Cambodia: Development of a Rural Roads Policy
  • South Africa: Review of Labour-based Roads Programme, Limpopo Province
  • Global: Sustainability Audit of Transport Projects
  • UK: Org. & Mgt of Senior Executives Roads Course, Birmingham University
  • Liberia: Action Plan for EC Support to Roads; Electricity and Water Sectors
  • Bhutan: Community Maintenance of Farm Roads
  • Afghanistan: Economic Analysis of Laskhar Gah - Gereshk Road, Helmand
  • Malawi: Rural Accessibility and Mobility Pilot Activity (RAMPA)
  • Czech Republic 2006 - 2011: “Třebůvka riwer, Moravičany village – flood control dyke system” (Administrator of the Morava river catchment area of Brno, 156,000 €)
  • Peru 2009 - 2010: “Optimisation of the Water Resources Use and Design of Irrigation System for Rural Communities in the Piura Region” (Corporacion Miraflores, 121,400 €)
  • Iraq 2008 - 2011: “The strategy of territorial plans development and renovation for towns Al Khidr, Samawah, Khanaquin, Nawharan, Balad, Rumaitha, Abaychi (Iraq) – Water Management part” (Jiran Kohout architekti, s.r.o., Prague, Czech Republic, 123,000 €)
Water Supply & SanitationMember companies
  • Morocco 2009 - 2011: “Training, Coaching and Facilitation Services in Support of Capacity Building Measures of the “Institut International de l’Eau et de l’Assainissement” (IEA) of the Office National de l’Eau Potable (ONEP)” (Gesellschaft fur Internationale Zusammenarbeit GIZ / Federal Republic of Germany, 167,000 €)
  • Ghana 2010 - 2011: “Development of National and River Basin Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) Plans” (European Commission, 42,000 €)
  • Zimbabwe 2011: Evaluation of DG ECHO’s action in the water and sanitation/public health sector (European Commission / DG ECHO, 87,000 €)
AGEG Consultants eG
  • Spain (Valencia) 2005 - 2006: “Technical Assistance for the Extension and Improvement of Valencia Potable Water Supply System” (ACUAMED, 226,150 €)
  • Morocco 2005 – 2006: Feasibility study for the implementation of a pilot project operationalising an output-based aid (OBA) mechanism for WSS in rural areas and small towns.
  • Mozambique 2007 – 2009: Technical assistance to ARASUL for the monitoring of underground water resources in Maputo Region.
  • Burkina Faso 2007 – 2009: Implementation of a water supply project in the sub-urban area of Ouagadougou: Detailed Studies and Works Supervision.
  • Burkina Faso, Cambodia, Niger, Rwanda, Senegal, Paraguay 2008 – 2009: Documenting experiences in Private Sector Participation in the Management of Water Supply Services in Disperse Rural Areas (FRUGAL model).
  • Haiti 2008 - 2011: Technical assistance to the SNEP for the implementation of the water supply project in rural areas of Grande Anse region.
  • DRC 2009: Evaluation of the Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) UNICEF Program: “Village Assaini” and “Ecole Assaini”, sanitation improvement program for schools and villages in rural and peri-urban areas.
  • Mozambique 2009 - 2010: Independent Monitoring and Verification Agent (”IMVA”) for the Maputo Water Supply System.
  • China 2005: “Appraisal of Extension of Hefei Water treatment Plant” (Danida, 37,000 €)
  • Czech Republic 2007 - 2011: “Town Žacléř – sewage water system extension and potable water supply system” (Žacléř town, 204,000 €)
  • Peru 2010 - 2011: “Drinking Water Systems for Rural Communities in the Huanuco Region” (Czech Republic Development Cooperation, 25,000 €)

Euronet Consulting offers a global capacity for project implementation.
The extension of our geographical coverage follows the operations carried out by our Members.

MemberRegions and countries
  • Africa, Caribbean, Pacific
and the OCTs (Angola, Botswana, Cameroon, Congo, CAR, Chad, Congo Cuba, Dominican Republic, Egypt, Ethiopia, Ghana, Haiti, Ivory Coast, Jamaica, Kenya, Liberia, Malawi, Mali, Mauritania, Mauritius, Mozambique, Netherland Antilles, Niger, Nigeria, Senegal, South Africa, Sudan, Tanzania, Togo, Uganda, Zaire, Zambia, Zimbabwe)
  • Asia and Central Asia (Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Cambodia, China, India, Indonesia, Yemen, Kyrgyzstan, Laos, Mongolia, Nepal, Pakistan, Philippines, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Thailand, Vietnam)
  • Central and South America (Bolivia, Brazil, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Guatemala, Honduras, Paraguay, Peru, Suriname)
  • European Neighbourhood countries / Balkans (Albania, Algeria, Armenia, Azerbaijan, BiH, Croatia, Egypt, Georgia, Jordan, Macedonia, Morocco, Palestine, Russia, Serbia, Syria, Tunisia, Turkey, Ukraine)
  • Europe 28 / North America (Belgium, Bulgaria, Estonia, Germany, Hungary, Romania)
  • Africa, Caribbean, Pacific
and the OCTs (Benin, Cameroon, Central African Republic, Cuba, Democratic Republic of Congo, Dominican Republic, Equatorial Guinea, Ivory Coast, Ethiopia, Gabon, Haiti, Mali, Mauritania, Mozambique, Niger, Nigeria, Sao Tome-et-Principe, Sierra Leone, Sudan, South Africa, Tanzania, Trinidad & Tobago)
  • Asia and Central Asia (Afghanistan, China, India, Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan, Philippines, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan)
  • Central and South America (Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay, Venezuela)
  • European Neighbourhood countries / Balkan (Algeria, Albania, Bosnia &Herzegovina, Croatia, Egypt, Georgia, Jordan, Libya, Morocco, Palestinian Authority, Republic of Macedonia, Kosovo, Montenegro, Serbia, Syria, Tunisia, Ukraine)
  • Europe 28 / North America (Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, France, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovak Republic, Spain, USA)
  • Middle East (Iran, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Turkey)
  • Latin America (Chile, Peru, Puerto Rico)
  • Europe (Bosnia & Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Ireland, Hungary, Latvia, lithuania, poland, portugal, Rumania, Ukraine)
  • Africa (Algeria, Egypt, South Africa)
  • Middle East (Israel, Oman)
  • Asia (Vietnam)
  • Middle East and North Africa (Morocco, Algeria, Palestine, Lebanon)
  • Central and
 East Africa (Burundi, Cameroon, Comoros, Congo, Djibouti, Equatorial Guinea, Kenya, Mozambique, Uganda, Central African Republic, Rwanda, Sao Tomé et Principe, Somalia, Tanzania, Chad)
  • West Africa (Benin, Burkina Faso, Cape Verde, Côte d’Ivoire, Gambia, Ghana, Guinea, Guinea Bissau, Mali, Mauritania, Niger, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Togo)
  • Latin America (Argentina, Columbia, Haiti, Honduras, Dominican Republic)
  • Asia and 
Pacific region (China, India, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Laos, Mongolia, Nepal, Philippines, Samoa, Vietnam)
  • Europe (France, UK, Italy, Hungary)
  • Africa, Caribbean, Pacific
and the OCTs (Angola, Benin, Botswana, Cameroon, DR Congo, Egypt, Ethiopia, Ghana, Jamaica, Kenya, Lesotho, Liberia, Malawi, Mozambique, Nigeria, Republic of South Africa, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, Solom islands, Suriname, Sudan, Tanzania, Uganda, Vanuatu, WQestern Samoa, Zambia, Zimbabwe)
  • Asia and Central Asia (Bangladesh, Bhutan, Cambodia, China, India, Indonesia, Lao PDR, Myanmar, Nepal, Philippines, Sri lanka, Thailand, Vietnam)
  • Central and South America (Belize, Nicaragua)
  • European Neighbourhood countries / Balkan (Albania, Bosnia & Herzegovina)
  • Europe 28 / North America (UK)
  • Middle East (Afghanistan, Kurdistan, Yemen)
  • Africa, Caribbean,
Pacific and the OCTs (Angola, Benin, Botswana, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Cape Verde, Central African Republic, Chad, Comoros, Congo, Djibouti, Dominican Republic, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Ghana, Guyana, Ivory Coast, Jamaica, Kenya, Madagascar, Malawi Maldives, Mali, Mozambique, Namibia, Niger, Nigeria, Rwanda, Senegal, Sierra Leone, South Africa, Sudan, Swaziland, Tanzania, Togo, Trinidad & Tobago, Uganda, Zambia, Zimbabwe)
  • Asia and Central Asia (Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Cambodia, China, East Timor, India, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Laos, Malaysia, Mongolia, Nepal, Pakistan, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Uzbekistan, Vietnam)
  • Central and South America (Belize, Bolivia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Paraguay, Peru)
  • European Neighbourhood countries / Balkan (Albania, Algeria, Azerbaijan, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia, Egypt, FYROM, Georgia, Jordan, Lebanon, Moldova, Morocco, Russia, Serbia, Tunisia, Ukraine, Yugoslavia (Former))
  • Europe 28 / North America (Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Slovakia)
  • Middle East (Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Yemen)
  • Central and South America (Perú)
  • Europe (Czech Republic, Slovakia)
  • Middle East (Iraq)

Euronet Consulting is involved in the implementation of several framework contracts designed to supplement the European Commission’s own resources by providing consultancy services at very short notice.  A considerable part of our project references are built up in relation to project work within the framework contracts.

2014MalawiAssessment of Public Arrears including liabilities generated from contracts in the road sector
2014NigeriaMid-term review of the Water Supply and Sanitation Sector Reform Programme Phase II
2014TogoEvaluation finale du Projet d'Aménagement Urbain au Togo – PAUT
2014 (ongoing)Saint Vincent and the GrenadinesAssistance during Tender Evaluation and Technical Audit Modernisation of the Health Sector programme in St Vincent & the Grenadines.
2013DjiboutiAssistance Technique à l’Ordonnateur National du FED de Djibouti pour la deuxième phase de programmation du 11 Fonds Européen de Développement – FED et appui à la programmation thématique.
2013TogoExpertise technique de l’Adduction en Eau Potable (AEP) de la ville d’Anié
2013GabonEvaluation finale du projet d'appui au secteur minier (SYSMIN)
ongoingChadAudit des états financiers du Fonds d'Entretien Routier en République du Tchad
2013MauritaniaProfil Environnemental de la Mauritanie
2013South AfricaAssessment for the Call for Proposals 'Sustainable Environment and Natural Resources for Development' under National Development Policy Support Programme for South Africa – Civil Society Component
2013Saint Vincent and the GrenadinesTechnical Audit Third Phase Expansion of the Saint & the Grenadines Community College (SVGCC)
2013MayotteAudit Technique des marchés de travaux à Mayotte
2013EgyptPreparation of an Institutional Twinning Project - Technical Assistance on Metro Safety Regulations
2013EgyptPreparation for an Institutional Project - Technical Assistance for the Railways Safety Regulations, Procedures and Practices in Egypt
2013FYROMRehabilitation, Upgrading and Reconstruction of Railway Stations along Pan European Corridor X, including branch XD, according to the EU best practices 
2013HaitiÉtude de Formulation de la Réhabilitation de Pistes Rurales et des Infrastructures Douanières dans la Région de Ouanaminte (Haiti) et Dajabón (République Dominicaine)
2013LesothoTechnical Assistance for the Review of the Contractor’s Final Accounts - In the Context of the Unik Construction’s Civil Work Contract, Three Towns Water Supply and Sanitation Project
2013ACPMid-term Evaluation of the “Strengthening Fisheries management in ACP Countries” (FISH 2)”
2012Angola Avaliçao final do projecto - Reforco do abastecimento de agua a cidade de Tombwa
2012CameroonEvaluation Ex-post du 9ème FED, à mi Parcours du 10ème FED et Finale du Projet de Renforcement de la RN11 et Route d’Accès au Lac Nyos
2012GabonEvaluation du Projet PREFED et de l’évolution institutionnelle du Fonds Routier 
2012PhilippinesFinal Evaluation of the ASEAN Centre for Biodiversity
2012CARFormulation de Programme et Études Techniques: Amélioration de l’Accès à l’eau Potable dans le Cadre de l’Initiative de OMD Horizon 2015 dans les 8 PDD
2012CongoDiversification Economique de la Région Sucrière - Environnement et Développement Durable
2012TunisiaProfil Environnemental de Pays Tunisie
2012MauritaniaEvaluation de la route Rosso Lexeiba
2012IraqFormulation of the EU Water Management program for Iraq 2011
2012TurkeyTechnical Assistance for Capacity Building and Trainings for MoEF IPA CI Centre
2011SamoaFinal Evaluation of Water Sector Support Programme  (WaSSP)
2011PhilippinesFinalisation of the SWITCH Policy Support Component Programme in the Philippines
2011EthiopiaKick start expert mission for the start up implementation of the GCCA-E
2011Papua New GuineaDrafting of a Mine Waste Management Policy Framework for the Mining Sector in PNG
2011EgyptIdentification and Formulation of the Aquaculture Development Programme at Lake Manzala
2011ChinaFormulation Mission for EU China Low Carbon and Environmental Sustainability Programme
2011ChinaFinal Evaluation of EU China Biodiversity Programme (ECBP)”,
2011AlgeriaMission  d’évaluation finale du Programme d’appui au secteur des ressources en eau en Algérie
2011ACPDevelopment of the ACP Natural Disaster Facility’s Website
2011MoroccoEtude des mécanismes institutionnels permettant de réduire la pollution industrielle
2011ENPIPreparation of Terms of Reference for two contracts A) Environmental protection of international river basins  and B) Environmental protection of the Black Sea project - ENPI East 2010
2011CroatiaCapacity building for the implementation of SAPARD (Measures 1 and 2) and IPARD program (Measures 101 and 103)
2011CongoAT Projet de Développement d'un Système de Traçabilité des Bois en République du Congo
2011ArmeniaRegulation of Integrated Environmental Pollution Prevention and Control in Armenia
2011ChadEtude d’évaluation à mi-parcours du programme “Appui à la politique sectorielle des transports: entretien routier et axes économiques
2011MoroccoEvaluation à mi parcours du programme Assainissement et Appui Institutionnel
2011KazakhstanDeveloping a national waste management strategy and action plan in the Republic of Kazakhstan
2011Mauritius, Comoros, Madagascar, Tanzania, Kenya, SeychellesFinal Evaluation of the Regional Programme for the Sustainable Management of the Coastal Zones of the Countries of the Indian Ocean (ReCoMaP)
2010GhanaDevelopment of National and River Basin Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) Plans
2010MauritiusTechnical Assistance for the Identification and Formulation of a Project for a Coastal, Marine and Island Specific Biodiversity Management in the ESA-IO region
2010HaitiProgramme Environnement Transfrontalier Haïti et La République Dominicaine (PET)
2010ThailandSustainable Consumption and Production (Policy Support Component) : TA for ToR Preparation
2010EgyptWater Sector Reform Programme
2010Sierra LeonePreparation of a national rural / feeder roads policy in Sierra Leone
2010MauritiusConsultancy Services for Developing Strategy to Establish an Integrated Ambient Air Quality (IAAQ) Monitoring Framework including Development of an Air Quality Index (AQI) for Mauritius
2010BurundiPréparation et organisation d’une revue annuelle conjointe des dépenses des infrastructures économiques au Burundi

Having developed strategic partnerships across the world for over 20 years, Euronet Consulting is well known to key clients.

While the Commission of the European Union remains our principal client, we also work closely with a growing number of governmental agencies and multilateral donors, such as the European Investment Bank and the World Bank – a reflection of the strategic positioning of our members.