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Euronet Consulting has represented a diverse group of well-established European consultancy companies since 1990.

We have developed the capability and experience to provide a broad range of highly-specialised services to members and clients over 20 years of operations.

Euronet Consulting is both a pan-European group of cutting-edge consultancy companies and a global network consisting of carefully vetted partners in Official Development Assistance (ODA) countries.

The group was established in 1990 as a coordination hub for the management of joint operations in a broad number of thematic sectors.  Over time it evolved to become a means by which services of member companies have been made readily available to major international donors, primarily the Commission of the European Union.

This has involved the implementation of several Framework Contracts, the aim of which is to organise short-term missions to identify, prepare, monitor and evaluate projects in a wide variety of professional fields.

In over 20 years of operations, Euronet Consulting and its members have organised well over 4000 such missions to 150 countries in the Asian, Africa, Latin American and European Neighbourhood and Partnership Instrument  (ENPI) regions.

Our Mission is to support member companies competing in international service procurement markets.

Our Vision is to be a unique network of highly specialised consultancy companies contributing to the objectives of sustainable development and poverty reduction.

Our Values:

Integrity: We believe that the principles of transparency and competition are the best means to prevent corrupt practices, reward quality and spread equality of business opportunities.

Quality: We constantly strive to ensure the highest quality for each process, together with the related inputs and outputs.

Diversity: We are committed to preventing and fighting discrimination of any form and recognise the high value that a diverse workforce brings in providing new perspectives on our approach to service delivery.

Euronet Consulting is a one-stop hub for all types of development projects, and a coordination centre providing tailored information and business support services. Customisation of our services and the international reach of the group help us create additional value that benefits clients and members alike.

Euronet Consulting and its members are renowned for the high quality of their methodological and managerial services throughout the project cycle. Our services include:

  • Advisory services on policy and strategy
  • Planning and design
  • Feasibility and pre-investment studies
  • Financial and economic studies
  • Project and programme identification and formulation
  • Project implementation and management
  • Ex-ante, mid-term and ex-post evaluations
  • Elaboration and setting-up of M&E systems
  • Monitoring of projects and programmes
  • Construction management
  • Contracting/procurement, supervision
  • Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Site appraisal and site planning
  • Location studies
  • Geographic Information Systems
  • Research and Development
  • Capacity building
  • Training and study tours
  • Workshops and seminars

Euronet Consulting was established in accordance with Council Regulation (EEC) No 2137/85 of 25 July 1985 on the European Economic Interest Grouping.

The General Meeting of the members is responsible for all major policy decisions and overall strategy.

It ensures consistency of policy direction and has overall control over Euronet Consulting’s activities.

Member companies are equally represented at the General Meeting, with each having one vote.

The Board of Management is primarily responsible for policy implementation and steering business operations. It is composed by individuals elected by members at the General Meeting.

The headquarters of Euronet Consulting are strategically located in the heart of Brussels, where a young and dynamic team is committed to meeting ambitious goals, providing administrative, project management and business development services.

Board of Management

Claudio Escarpenter – Chairman

Claudio Escarpenter is Vice-president and Director of Architecture at ALATEC and CCRA S.L. Architects & Engineers (CCRA).

With seventeen years of experience in architectural developments and an extensive know-how in Spanish technical consultancy, Claudio has been involved in a wide variety of assignments including major residential sites with community facilities, tourism plans and projects, office buildings and corporate headquarters. He has also been involved in numerous multi-disciplinary developments: from architectural engineering and urban planning, to undertaking project direction, initiation, preparation and evaluation.

His in-depth knowledge of Project Management, both in Spain and internationally, has contributed greatly to the development of ALATEC’s architectural practice.

Claudio co-founded ALATEC in 1984, having previously worked in senior positions with a major US organisation for professional services in Spain.  As a partner of the firm he is also responsible for coordinating international projects, especially projects linked to development cooperation programmes from the various international lending institutions and agencies: EC, IDB, WB.

Michel Davitt – Vice-Chairman

Michel Davitt has 21 years of professional experience in design, construction supervision & contract management of major water services infrastructure projects, in various European, Middle Eastern and African Countries.

His main qualifications:

  • Detailed understanding and working experience with FIDIC Conditions of Contract and experience in management of international construction projects under: FIDIC Conditions of Contract for Plant and Design-Build (Yellow Book), FIDIC Conditions of Contract for Construction (Red Book) and FIDIC Conditions of Contract for Construction (Orange Book); European Union EDF-PRAG; World Bank Small Projects CoC (sub $10m)
  • Managed all stages of water services projects including Feasibility Reports, Planning, Detailed Design, EIA, Contract Document Preparation, Procurement Management and Tender Assessment, Construction Management, Handover, Claims Management and Dispute Resolution.


Atef Trabelsi

Position: Operations Director

Contact details:

Tel: + 32 2 793 14 07


Philippe Duquesne

Position: Finance & HR Manager

Contact details:

Tel: + 32 2 793 14 07


Ines Haj Ali Salem

Position: FWC Manager

Contact details:

Tel: + 32 2 793 14 07


Giulia Puggioni

Position: FWC Lot 2 Manager

Contact details:

Tel: + 32 2 793 14 07


Paola Fontanilles

Position: FWC Project Manager Assistant

Contact details:

Tel: + 32 2 793 14 07